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Andi Bryce

  Author : Smart Women's Fiction : Conscious Living


"Women of all ages will enjoy this book. It's a fun read but with depth and meaning...makes me feel good. I am really looking forward to reading Andi's next book!!!  -  ​Carol Pitts

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 "I loved this witty, fast paced tale of four quirky women who share a strong bond for each other and their hedonistic Aspen lifestyle. Their madcap adventures on their path to discovering their true purpose in life will keep keep you laughing, hoping they don't self destruct and always rooting for their success." ​- Eva Gregory

"All I can say about this book is "fabulousness"! Andi Bryce makes her characters relateable, funny, quirky, and just downright fun."  -  ​Tina Jans

“Four desperate housewives of Aspen unexpectedly find enlightenment in this wild romp of a novel” - Cassandra King author of NY Times bestselling novel

The Same Sweet Girls.

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