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Live Love Laugh Today Show will be featuring BILLIONAIRES MAKE BAD LOVERS on the Fall Premiere of this ABC show September 13, 2015.  Watch author, Andi Bryce, introduce her recently published book, BILLIONAIRES MAKE BAD LOVERS, and announce the upcoming release of her second book, CRAZY, PARTY OF THREE.

Andi Bryce

  Author : Smart Women's Fiction : Conscious Living


Christi Harris, writing as Andi Bryce, has been a writer for years, but this month she published her first book, “Billionaires Make Bad Lovers.”

The fun piece of women’s fiction follows four best friends and Aspenites through trials and tribulations — from a hurtful divorce to a plethora of legal troubles. The storyline that holds them all together is their struggle to move from materialism and shallow distractions from their problems to true happiness.

Andi Bryce, LLC

Elizabeth Drolet of KSNO interviews Andi Bryce, about her her recently published book, BILLIONAIRES MAKE BAD LOVERS!

Masterfully crafted by Andi Bryce, ‘Billionaires Make Bad Lovers’ can best be described as “Desperate Housewives meets Deepak Chopra.” The setting is Aspen, as four perfectly-flawed and lovable women mix Martini Thursday with a burning desire to find the meaning of life and the secrets of the universe. Bryce’s narrative provides a bold voice for women everywhere, empowering readers to live in the moment and find happiness within – where it was all along. 

The extraordinarily charming ladies of the Live Love Laugh Today Show talk with Andi Bryce about BILLIONAIRES MAKE BAD LOVERS and the upcoming release of the second book, CRAZY, PARTY OF THREE!