Andi Bryce, LLC

Andi Bryceis the pen name for Christi Harris​ 

Andi Bryce

  Author : Smart Women's Fiction : Conscious Living


​​She was born in Denver, and raised in Rangely – a small town on the Western Slope of Colorado.  Sandwiched between two fabulous brothers, their wicked senses of humor and constant taunting kept her from ever getting too full of herself.  In Kindergarten she faked out the other kids, pretending she could read and telling elaborate (read: insanely preposterous) stories.

Her family moved to Snyder, Texas just before her senior year of high school, where she arrived wearing hiking boots, a pink down jacket, and a scowl.  The Texas girls wore makeup, curled their hair, wore dresses to school, and had really nice manners.  Christi’s Mom was ecstatic.  

After graduation from Texas Tech University, Christi moved to Midland, Texas, learned to two-step, bought her first real car, and learned to appreciate warm winters and wide open spaces.  Most of her business career was spent as a controller or director of finance in the energy industry.  (I can hear you yawning!) 

But her heart has always been in Colorado.  So she moved back to the Aspen area where she shares her yard with a herd of elk, and a pair of bald eagles nests just down the road.  She is in love with Billy Bob – a one-eyed Boston Terrier who lives next door and professes his love back to her by stealing toys from other dogs in the neighborhood and leaving them on her back patio.