Andi Bryce

  Author : Smart Women's Fiction : Conscious Living


Andi Bryce, LLC

What excites me as a writer is developing women who are flawed just like the rest of us, but are working to find their way to something better. Brighter. More whole. I like helping the meek to find their voice. What I try to instill in my stories is an uplifting experience for the reader and a spiritual way of looking at this mad and fabulous world.

Spirituality can mean a lot of things: a moving church service, the view from the top of a mountain peak, lending a hand, giving a hug, listening to the elderly and forgotten, connecting with community. But also laughing with friends, laughing at ourselves (a daily occurrence for me), savoring a Dove chocolate, sighing over an exquisite work of art – whether it's a painting by Caravaggio, or a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo patent bow slides – the idea is joy. Gratitude. Living in the present moment where happiness resides.​

Andi Bryce


My friend Didi once categorized my writing as Desperate Housewives meets Deepak Chopra. I see no conflict in loving a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti red suede fringed sandals (yum!) and understanding that I am rocked in the rhythm of the universe. I can write about martinis and Miu Mius in the morning, and meditate on kindness in the afternoon. When we experience life as a miraculous expression of joy, kindness, and compassion for all beings, the world opens up to us. And can’t a Gucci cocoa canvas tote be part of that joy? (please say yes!)

Of course we want to awaken spiritually, but at the same time we have to live skillfully on this spinning planet, relating to and helping others as we can. And why not have some fun while we're at it? The two are not mutually exclusive.